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The basic idea VentureFm radio - to create an online space for millions of participants to live for positive thinking. VentureFm a place where startups meet the financing of the greatest investors and take advice from World Wide mentors. VentureFm brings the spirit of free enterprise and creativity. VentureFm shows for startups and funds the way to IPO and public success.
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We give startups in a positive atmosphere for the opportunity on our site to get access to the most active venture and real sources of funding. Development and mentors, site growth accelerators are on VenturesFM..We give a test target audience, enter international markets bringing the project to IPO through those who able and makes successful exits. Sign up, assert itself, pass the tests and get access to the site most real positive growth



VentureFM - is a open community of authorized investors who interact with VentureFM under one of the program..

Purpose VentureFM Program - establish a constant interaction between the partners in the program (VC, Startups, Angels) for tasks such as finding a co-investor and design , increasing the attractiveness of investetsionnoy portfolio projects , analytics on certain niches and areas , etc.

VentureFM offers funds and representatives of private investors as a single individual services , and turnkey packages with monthly range of services and opportunities. Please note that Affiliate program - it is always individual work with each member.



VentureFm is fun place for spesial kind of fund .Different type of stage of investment .From early seed , first round ,syndicate fund invest , growing stage . We use a peer to peer platforms and the same time place for individual negotiations. The program is open to venture capital funds , corporate and regional funds as well as private investors , but only after accreditation.



World famous successful mentors now live in Venture FM online and ready to check main idea of sturtups , team and competentive level for great success or may be change road.



In Venture FM online founders of greatest startups in history every day looking on live community of Venture FM listeners and choose some of sturtups for give them part of own experience and may be for found a new great billion value project.

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Venture FM provide a service community for global global growing for companys with working business model and positive profits for multiplie results. Venture Success FM for all of us !


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